Working with Our Team

What do we NOT do?

At Lexington Bitcoin Consulting, we do not...
  • Give financial or investment advice. For this you should consult a qualified professional.
  • Act as a financial institution.
  • Control or have custody of your Bitcoin at any time. We believe that you and only you should hold your private keys.
  • Facilitate frequent buying and selling, or “day-trading” of digital currencies.
  • Trust third parties – we believe that “Trusted Third Parties Are Security Holes.” - Nick Szabo, 2001

Do you have to know anything about Bitcoin to contact Lexington Bitcoin Consulting and inquire about services?

No. You need no prior knowledge – we can work with you regardless of your level of Bitcoin knowledge.

Do we perform services related to other digital currencies, such as Ethereum, Ripple, and others?

No. While some of the “alt-coins” seem to do things that are interesting, at Lexington Bitcoin Consulting, we are so-called “Bitcoin Maximalists” and generally avoid dealing with private ownership of alternative crypto-currencies. This is for a number of a good reasons, among them that virtually without exception, alternative digital currencies do not contain the same property of decentralization that Bitcoin does, thus do not have the same quality of true censorship-resistance, which is what makes Bitcoin important to the future of the world.