Lexington Bitcoin Consulting LLC

Dan Carman

Chief Executive Officer | dan@lexingtonbitcoinconsulting.com

A lover of Bitcoin since 2013, Dan most comfortably advocates for Bitcoin from a perspective of monetary economics. Dan believes in the unstoppable nature of uncensorable hard money, and Bitcoin's potential for billions around the world, banked and unbanked. He is a native of Lexington, and a graduate of Davidson College and the University of Kentucky College of Law. His interests include the church, family, travelling the world, combat sports, the U.S. Marine Corps, and helping people claim their monetary sovereignty.

Patrick Ulrich

Chief Technology Officer | patrick@lexingtonbitcoinconsulting.com

A technophile from an early age and a Bitcoiner since 2011, Patrick launched the Commonwealth's first Bitcoin ATM's. Through personal experience he learned the importance of private key security and monetary sovereignty. Patrick is a full-time Bitcoiner and advocate for the power of technology to improve the human condition.

Drew Meadows

Chief Security Officer | drew@lexingtonbitcoinconsulting.com

As Chief Security Officer, Drew ensures physical preparedness for the Bitcoin holdings of clients of the firm. He is also the founder of Prepare for Collapse, a consultancy that assists individuals and businesses in developing disaster preparation and response plans. Drew has also worked as an attorney and aircraft quality control inspector and mechanic.