Learn the Basics to Protect Your Wealth

At Lexington Bitcoin Consulting, we help people…

  • Understand Bitcoin
  • Buy Bitcoin
  • Hold and control their own private keys – which have never touched the Internet – to their own Bitcoin wallet
  • Utilize the industry-leading Glacier Protocol and the latest and best hardware and software to store their Bitcoin in ultra-secure “cold storage” for the long-term.
  • Keep their Bitcoin safe from cyber-hacking, theft, natural disaster, extortion, kidnapping, bombing, not to mention market crash, recession, depression, and collapse of the U.S. Dollar.
  • Keep a “hot wallet” to have a smaller amount of Bitcoin to have handy, send to friends, or spend.
  • Participate in the Lightning Network (using a Lightning Wallet), a Layer-2 technology to send and receive Bitcoin quickly and efficiently "off-chain."
  • Understand and connect with Bitcoin-related financial professionals and hedge funds.
  • Keep safe and constant visibility on their Bitcoin.
  • Stay in consensus with the Bitcoin core community by running a full Bitcoin node in our office or yours. This way, transactions can be verified on the one, true Bitcoin blockchain (as opposed to an imitator blockchain, or a “fork”). This lets you know at all times that what you have was and is true Bitcoin, not something else.
  • Perform transactions using Bitcoin escrow, when needed.
  • Consider Bitcoin Estate Planning
  • Accept Bitcoin as payment (including merchant services)
  • Understand concepts of the Austrian School of economics
  • Embrace the Cypherpunk ethos
  • Have peace of mind that comes with monetary sovereignty.